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Workforce planning is of course more than operational performance and productivity. Besides having a wealth of experience with workforce management methodologies and tools to find the right balance between labor, demand and cost effectiveness, we invest a lot of energy and time in the human touch. Because that’s the difficult but important aspect of tackling workforce issues in a sustainable way.


Do you match labor, demand and cost effectiveness?


Do you manage multi-skilled people in a multi-task environment?


Do you keep your people empowered, safe and ready for the future?

What we offer

Resource planning for knowledge workers

Empower your knowledge workforce with Binocs, our flagship product that helps highly skilled employees to perform better.

This collaborative cloud platform drives a resource capacity management and planning process for environments where a variety of skilled resources deliver in multiple projects.

Binocs is used in knowledge worker departments such as R&D, laboratories, quality assurance, regulatory affairs and engineering.

Resource planning in production, logistics and field services

Manage your variability on the shop floor, identify productive/non-productive time and combine operational and workforce performance data. Therefore, you need to optimize the planning of your operational workforce, so it is in line with your service and supply chain planning.

In order to make it real, we partner with software providers offering flexible tools that you can tweak to your company’s specific requirements:

  • Kronos for production & logistics
  • Trimble for field-service management

Workforce efficiency

Gain insights by combining operational performance indicators with workforce performance data and improve your overall labor effectiveness (OLE).

Efficiency is a required, though insufficient way to evaluate and manage your workforce. In case of high shift variability and safety risks, we need to balance efficiency, safety and sustainability to provide you with a sustainable workforce solution.

We joined forces with consultant/psychologist Alexander van Eekelen to connect the dots between health, safety and efficiency.

Business transformation

Our methodology MOUNTK makes the solution stick, by embedding change management as an essential part of your improvement initiatives.

Our approach

Olivier Souffriau, workforce expert

“A sustainable solution that fits your needs”

“First, we look at the kind of workforce you have. Knowledge workers in R&D, quality or regulatory filing typically have a wide variety of skills but also a lot of different tasks on their plates. For workforce scheduling in blue-collar environments, the focus is more on operational excellence and – in the case of shift workers – fatigue management.

We work out a new structure and working dynamics for your organization. During the change process, we support every individual to bolster their hopes and alleviate their fears. We track the change progress to allow real impact measurements and bottom-line results. Because it’s important that this process is carried on, long after we’ve finished our job.”

Digital impact on your workforce

Digitization of instructions will not only increase efficiency, but will also enable companies to clearly and directly keep track of the tasks actually performed. The Internet of Things (IoT) will allow companies to modify predictive maintenance and decrease instances of corrective maintenance. Today, field technicians are often dispersed, highly-trained experts. Tomorrow, in the era of augmented and virtual reality, field services could become a central model, with experts at a central location guiding technicians in the field. The same technology can result in quite a few efficiency gains as well, for instance when service steps are in real time shown on the live machines.

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