Change that sticks

Transforming a business into a new structure can be a tough job. Why? Mainly because it’s about changing long-standing structures and habits. Transformation can only be successful if it is supported by the majority of your organization. Over the years, we’ve developed our unique methodology for transforming an organization.


How do you create an ecosystem where new processes, technology and people fit together like hand and glove?


How do you make the intangible part of change tangible and actionable?


How do you cope with the resistance that is inherent to change?

What we offer

Digital transformation

Digital technologies & data begin the new oil, allow you to rethink your business model, digitalize labor, optimize accurate true E2E processes & install a true customer focus. We support you to get the most out of technologies like RPA, S/4Hana, NLP, data analytics, etc. Combined with our transformation & change capabilities, we onboard your people & install a true digital change mindset, along with your business values.

Organizational design

The world is in constant motion – so is your organization. Every change in strategy, every merger & acquisition, every system implementation requires a fundamental review of your working dynamics. We work closely with you to define your team size, structure & location, communications, and reporting lines to support your future processes and way of operating in the most efficient, value-added way.

Change management

Our MOUNTK toolbox & methodology helps you to manage the intangible part of change and allows you to make change actionable. MOUNTK helps your internal change agents develop into real ambassadors of change. The benefits of improvement projects are only truly achieved if the change sticks! Think your organization isn’t ready to manage change as part of its project organization? MOUNTK to the rescue!

Our approach

Hanne Depuydt, expert in transformation

“You have to understand how your employees will react to change”

“We have an integrated approach to change: integral content knowledge allows to create a tailored change approach. We start assessing the impact for all stakeholders. We organize the change program, anticipating how people will react and respond to upcoming changes in their future role, their future way of working, the use of new systems, etc. We help people develop the necessary capabilities, for example by preparing a detailed role-based training plan. Finally, we create a lastingly changed and continuously growing environment.

If you want to change structures, you will need the support of your people. You have to know and understand how they will react to change. Our MOUNTK methodology provides a complete framework for dealing with transformation.

If you’re going through transformation that entails lay-offs or relocations, we use our Infusion methodology, which can be regarded as ‘MOUNTK in survivors’ mode’. We motivate the survivors to carry on and we guide them through the hard but non-debatable transformation.”

Digital impact on transformation

Digitization is disrupting businesses and necessitates transformation. Your company is no exception to that. Have you seen the example of how traditional ERP technologies are creating a turnaround in its application by developing digital and in-memory business frameworks? Can you imagine how this will change the way millions of users work in future? We help your company embrace the digital era and assist you in addressing your transformation requirements that make your organization ready for change.

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