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Connecting sales and manufacturing, supply chain planning is the cornerstone and driving force of your company. Sales and manufacturing just can’t function without it. Sometimes there are mismatches between what you want to sell and what you can supply. It’s an intellectual challenge to make the different aspects of planning tick and click and to be constantly on the lookout for improvements to increase customer satisfaction. To make your supply planning a true asset, we work with you to enhance your organizational, process and system setup.


How do you connect every step in the supply chain?


How and where do you detect potential for improvement?


Are you sharing all the information?

What we offer

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) or Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

We think end-to-end, so your manufacturing and sales processes are interconnected.

Demand planning

We create a continuous process to improve your demand signal using the ins and outs of your business.

Supply planning

We work with you to optimize your end-to-end supply chain, using the decision options you have in your network in an optimal and flexible way.

Production planning and scheduling

We translate your hidden manufacturing constraints into understandable planning constraints.

Distribution planning

With the focus on reliable stock movements, we see distribution planning as an inherent part of your end-to-end planning.

Digital transformation

LightsOutPlanning is our answer to Industry 4.0.

Our approach

Ben Van Lancker, planning expert

We don’t make assumptions, we dig deep

“From buying raw materials thru to selling the finished product, our planning tasks are diverse: reviewing business processes, implementing a strict planning cadence and introducing software tools.

We want to understand your supply chain: what’s going well and what’s going wrong. We don’t make assumptions, but dig deep: we sit by your side and investigate how your people are working on the different planning horizons, how they are interacting with each other and how they are influencing the value you are creating towards your customers.

Thanks to our in-depth tool expertise, we can turn business requirements into IT requirements. We work with your people. They need to be involved, because it’s the only way to make changes stick and to flourish.”

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