With both feet on the floor

Industry 4.0 is becoming a reality. Autonomous robots, Internet of Things, cloud technologies, big data & augmented reality are merging with “yesterday’s manufacturing”. We help your company to take full advantage of these innovations and guide your company AND people towards better and future-proof manufacturing.


Is my operations network still consistent with my needs?


Am I getting the best out of my operations?


Are my people ready to leap into tomorrow’s operations?

What we offer

Smart factory

Now’s the time to completely think how your operations are organized & supported, to make them SMART (from smart technology & people to a smart supply chain and products & services). Our clear vision, pragmatic approach and right mindset & skills will guide your smart factory strategy towards full digital transformation.

Industry 4.0

A train is hurtling down the tracks, full of industry 4.0 and smart factory/supply chain concepts, and you cannot afford to miss it. Together with you, we tackle the challenges that lie ahead. We support your people to adapt to the new industry’s realities.

Full digital transformation

Our transformation & change capabilities allow us to onboard your people & install a true digital mindset along with your business values. Are you ready to transform your production company to a company of the future?

Network redesign

In a constantly changing environment, we evaluate and optimize operations networks. We combine soft aspects with powerful data analysis and optimization. Our aim is to deliver the optimal solution that meets your specific business needs.

Manufacturing optimization

Get the best out of your operations! Together, we design and develop state-of-the-art but reality-proof solutions.

Serialization/Track & trace/Batch management

We tackle the complex supply chain issues that come with the new regulations.

Our approach

Anouk Schoenmakers, operations expert

“With both our feet literally on the floor”

“We like to have both our feet literally on the floor, in your manufacturing plant or warehouse. We combine a helicopter view with a keen eye for detail. We never hesitate to talk to the people on the factory floor and will walk a mile in their shoes to gain an overview: that’s how we deliver the solution that best fits the customer’s operations specifications and needs.

With our hands-on mindset we make things happen! Changing people’s mentality is never easy. Luckily, we have our MOUNTK methodology for dealing with change.”

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