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We are passionate about material flow and the underlying organization that makes it happen. We love to step into your shoes, because we believe that it is the only way to design state-of-the-art but reality-proof solutions that will work for you. We dig deep to the roots of your operations and go the extra mile to make the change tangible.


How optimal is my distribution?


How can I improve the efficiency of my supply chain?


How do I turn the digital challenge into opportunities?

What we offer

Network redesign

We evaluate, design and implement physical distribution networks to enhance your customers’ supply chain and to respond to their specific needs, commercial strategies and constraints.

Distribution optimization

We help you to get the best out of your distribution network. We optimize it, specifically focusing on aspects such as quality, productivity, alignment with corporate strategy, communications and organizational set-up.

Warehouse management

We ensure your warehouse is state of the art in terms of its operations, stock management, layout, or any other requirements.

Our approach

Arnoud Smeesters, distribution expert

“You can only make the right decision when you see the whole puzzle”

“We want to see and hear your people in the distribution center or warehouse. We combine a helicopter view with a focus on details. People working in a distribution center might know almost everything about their own working space, while other departments in the company are black boxes to them. By building the bigger picture, we learn how events in one place have consequences in another. And you can only make the right decision when you see the whole puzzle.

In addition to that, we support you with powerful analytical tools to compare different scenarios and highlight the best ones. Combining both approaches enables us to deliver excellent results.

When we come into your warehouse, we will first listen to each and every one of you. We use benchmarks and have analytical and assessment tools. But our people are what make us unique.”

Digital impact on distribution

Physical distribution and IT networks are now interconnected more than ever before. The digital revolution and new technologies like blockchain offer incredible opportunities – as well as challenges – to integrate the entire supply chain, simplify data-sharing, and have real-life information available for every stakeholder. At bluecrux, we are eager to take that digital leap forward with you.

Cases from the field

  • Preparing the ground to become a solution provider

    Preparing the ground to become a solution provider

    A footprint study and operating model design as a first step in the transition from distributor to solution provider

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  • The right distribution setup to support future growth in EMEA

    The right distribution setup to support future growth in EMEA

    Together with a large multinational life sciences company we reorganized and centralized the distribution network across Western & Eastern Europe

    View this case
  • Making the new healthcare regulations an opportunity in serialization!

    Making the new healthcare regulations an opportunity in serialization!

    We helped a Fortune 500 pharma distribution organization in preparing for Track&Trace / Anti-Counterfeiting Regulations.

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  • Putting in place the right supply network for the future

    Putting in place the right supply network for the future

    Together with one of Europe’s largest food processing companies we defined the optimal manufacturing & distribution network for the next 5 years

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Your next step

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