Embrace it – fully, completely

Digital is part of life. Period. For your company, it has a profound impact on the way your people work, and the way you interact with your customers and suppliers. That’s why digital runs through all our solutions, not only by introducing state-of-the-art tools and methodologies, but above all by creating communities that embrace that digital revolution – fully, completely.


What is trending today in digital might be old news tomorrow.


Among all the digital offerings, how do you choose the right solution?


Constantly resolving issues by adding extra digital tools often feeds the fire and intensifies the stress.

What we offer


#LOP is our answer to planning in industry 4.0 mode.

Operations in industry 4.0

Welcome in autonomous robots, IoT and cloud technologies into your factory.

Distribution in industry 4.0

Use the latest technologies to optimize your distribution network.

Digital customer

Make the digital journey of your customers real, operational and actionable.

Digitized workforce

Digitize instructions, use IoT to predict maintenance and optimize field services with augmented and virtual reality.

Digital transformation

We assist your business users in migrating from traditional transactional systems to new (in-memory) platforms.

Our approach

Valerie Vandenbroucke, expert in digital


“We don’t do digital just for the sake of it. That’s not our thing. We bring digital to supply chain processes and people. That’s where we come from and it’s what we’re good at. That’s where we bring value to our customers.

You could say that we focus on the human factor in the age of digital. How can and will it bring value to planners, operators, customer service desks, distribution centers, transport companies, supply chain managers, and so on.

Our transformation programs make your digital journey real, operational and actionable.”

Digital impact on your workforce

The instruction digitization will not only increase efficiency, but will also allow companies a clear and direct follow up of actual performed activities. Internet of Things (IoT) will allow companies to modify predictive maintenance and decrease cases of corrective maintenance. Today, field technicians are often dispersed, heavily trained experts. Tomorrow, in the era of augmented and virtual reality, field services will become a central model, with the experts on a central location guiding technicians on the field. The same technology can result in quite some efficiency gains as well, for instance when service steps are directly shown on the live machines.

Cases from the field

  • Organization design: from product supplier to service provider

    Organization design: from product supplier to service provider

    Design a clear and workable organization and select the right IT tools, taking into account the sensitivities inherent in a new joint venture

    View this case

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