29 March 2021

Planning in the digital age: let data do the dirty work!

Planning in the digital age: let data do the dirty work!

In this digital age, where “customer centricity” is king and “real-time data” queen, you cannot afford to keep allowing historical data to dictate your decisions. It’s time to let data do the dirty work for you and get your brain cracking on scenarios and – ultimately – your strategy!

It’s perfectly understandable to use past experience as our best guide to predictions about the future. Our brains are programmed that way. It’s how our species emerged and evolved. So, yes, what worked last year may well work next year. But it’s almost just as likely NOT to work next year.

The world is changing fast. And supply chain planning is too. Sure, many things will never change. But some pretty important things already have: data & smart algorithms.

Decision-makers in innovative companies and industries know what value they can get from comparing and analyzing different end-to-end financial scenarios. They use relevant and reliable data for making decisions. Dynamic master data based on transactional data (ERP, MES, OEE, etc.) feed modern planning tools to allow analysis, forecasting and scenario simulation.

These companies determine the optimal customer/product/source mix by “connecting the dots” in a smart way (customers, sales, operations, finance, suppliers, partners, etc.)

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