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Meet bluecrux

Hi, we’re bluecrux. Pleased to meet you! Have you met our team?

Bluecrux is officially Great Place to Work® Certified™, a certification which is granted to employers all over the world to recognize that their employees have trust in the organization, are proud of their jobs and enjoy working with their colleagues.

Why bluecrux?

Let’s hear it from your future colleagues.


There’s a lot of personal freedom. Every day, we get the chance to use & evolve our own capabilities to realize new things within our expertise domain.


We all have different backgrounds & expertise. It allows us to combine our forces and get the best out of each of us.


I love the daily challenges around here. We’re open to challenge ourselves, each other and our customers. All towards the same goal: let our customers shine.


Challenging ourselves but also our customer is an important part of our job. In this way, we deliver best practice and get the best out of ourselves AND our customers.


True value for me as a bluecrux’er is that I enjoy what I do and make people feel like I’m easy to approach.


We don’t just design a fancy solution, we provide a realistic  solution that ‘sticks’ and that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Sweet perks

These are probably not the main reasons to join the bluecrux team, but they make coming to work every day just a little bit better.

Personal development

Flexible schedule

Bar and stuffed fridge


Team activities


Our values

Equally different, but one

Talking the same language

Our group consists of different personalities, cultures, interests and locations. Yet we are all talking that same language: the one of being #proudtobebluecrux. We’re all in the same collaborative mindset. One where you can always just be your amazing self. 

Guts for glory

We are open-minded and future-proof

We believe that rigor and gut feeling can go hand in hand. Towards our clients, this means that hard and soft skills are equally important. In-house, it means that we promote lifelong learning, both within and outside the field of supply chain & operations.

Aim high, touch base

Lets drive your ambition

We want to bring out the best in ourselves and are not afraid to take new initiatives. The supportive environment provided by senior management allows for feedback and reflection.

Jamming for jazz

We are a tight band with room for improvisation

We spend 80% of our time with our clients, but 15% is systematically freed for research & development. That’s when we touch our “jazzy blue core”, when we think out of the box to get insights for new concepts that we love to match against those of our clients.

No ties, just smiles

We stand for consultancy beyond formality

We don’t conform to the traditional image you might have of a consultant. We prefer to leave our ties and skirt suits in our closet and put on a smile every day – perfect fit by the way.


We’re always looking for unique individuals from different backgrounds, who can each add their value by contributing to our common goal: embrace change and help companies deliver transformation. What are you looking for? Find your career match by checking our vacancies or write your own job description.

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