We want to go far

‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ That old African proverb says how we look at innovation. We free the necessary internal resources – in terms of people, time and budget – to spark that innovation. And we are lucky enough to work together with clients who think and act just like us.

Uncharted territory

We like to compare our innovation tracks to a bus ride. One of our bluecruxers, who devotes 20% of his time to research, is the driver. He or she brings in insights and a wide experience covering various solutions for specific industries. The passengers are our clients: they challenge us to discover uncharted territory. The road may be winding, but we do reach fabulous destinations together.

Do you want to steer your company to fabulous destinations with innovation as a fuel?

  • April

    April 2012 - Workforce

    Two of our life sciences customers, GSK and Pfizer, have an issue in common: their scientists need focus, which is a challenge in a dynamic business environment that has to deal with increasing complexity. We set up a joint research on how can we improve the utilization knowledge workers

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  • June

    June 2013 - Transformation

    We are challenged by tire manufacturer Bridgestone: how can we make change stick and impact the ROI in a full transformation track? Along with business transformation specialist Luc Galoppin, we investigate how we can make the intangible part of change tangible.

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  • June

    June 2014 - Celebrating transformation

    The transformation track at Bridgestone is taking shape. During the Visibility Project (ViP), we manage to engage several change agents through our MOUNTK engagement workshop. The results of ViP won’t go unnoticed: it yields the Supply Chain Award – Project of the Year in 2016 and the European ELA award in 2017.

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  • May

    May 2015 - Binocs

    The first commercial release of Binocs, a web-based business application that aligns resource demand and capacity. Great in laboratories, QC/QA, regulatory affairs and R&D.

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  • February

    February 2016 - Planning

    We bring three customers around the table with whom we’re engaged in an IBP project: Alpro, Tereos and Bridgestone. Their different backgrounds make them the ideal sparring partners to leap forward in a new research track: how can IBP and network redesign make a good marriage?

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  • November

    November 2016 - Supply Chain Awards 2016 – Bridgestone Europe & bluecrux

    Bridgestone Europe and bluecrux proudly won the Supply Chain Award – Project of the Year 2016 handed out by PICS-VIB. The jury praised the outstanding change management approach and the multilevel impact throughout different levels of the supply chain, going beyond traditional boundaries. Additionally, they selected the project for creating a clear burning platform and evidence based financial contribution to both top and bottom line.

  • December

    December 2016 - MOUNTK tasted by the outside world

    With the help of our MOUNTK toolbox, we guide you and your people through a personalized change journey based on proven methodologies, with a strong focus on the empowerment of internal change agents.

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  • January

    January 2017 - Binocs : detailed resource scheduling

    Together with Coca-Cola services, we defined the requirements for detailed scheduling of workforce in May 2016.

    Nine months later, detailed resource scheduling is fully integrated in Binocs resource planning.

  • March

    March 2017 - LightsOutPlanning

    We take supply chain planning to a next level. Based on dynamic, real-time data, LightsOutPlanning allows customers to connect their end-to-end network, learn where they can improve, how they can aim for financial value and make their company shine.

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  • June

    June 2017 - LightsOutPlanning in action

    First big-data cases are developed with Alpro, Tereos and Bridgestone using the LightsOutPlanning engine.