Industry 4.0: Trends That Will Reshape the Way Things Are Made? Or Just a Flashy Catchphrase?

Will the powerful emerging currents, such as big data, advanced analytics, human–machine interfaces and digital-to-physical transfer, reach their unmistakably high potential and cause a fourth major upheaval in modern manufacturing? According to Cornelius Baur (director at McKinsey Munich) and Dominic Wee (partner at McKinsey Munich) this might be too much too say, but in any case, Industry 4.0 is a force to be reckoned with.

This article provides a good overview of the Industry 4.0 trends, technologies and their potential. Also be sure to have a closer look at their “digital compass”, as it is a very good tool for a strategy workshop to identify the Industry 4.0 levers that are best suited to match your company’s needs.