Challenges in today’s manufacturing industry

Fast-paced supply chains need fast decision making

Globalization, increasing competition and emerging trends are making your supply chain the subject of uncertainty and volatility in rapidly changing market conditions. Many companies are struggling to make fast decisions within their supply chain, and to do that in a well-informed way so as to be able to simulate and report out on the impact of the decisions that are being made.

Commoditization makes your product portfolio burst

Many products are increasingly becoming commodities because of rising competition and peaking customer accessibility. Product personalization is turning into the standard and is driving the number of SKUs through the roof, creating a puzzle that is complex to predict and prioritize and making it hard to allocate scattered customer demand for a diverse product portfolio.

Margin optimization the key to survival

Competition and commoditization are putting pressure on prices and margins. Companies are therefore continuously looking to optimize efficiency and reduce working capital and supply chain costs throughout the supply chain. Finding the optimal balance between network inventory levels, warehouse and distribution costs and service levels towards the customers is hotter than ever.

Are you driving the customer or is the customer driving you?

How to keep your customers satisfied when both customer expectations and demand variability are higher than ever? Making your supply chain customer-centric is key to dealing with diffuse customer channels and volatile demand signals in the different stages of the supply chain and to serving customers with high service levels and quality standards.

Accommodate for agility in complex and highly constrained supply chains

In complex supply chains where production and storage capacities are a key constraint in maintaining high customer standards, it is crucial to optimize production runs and asset utilization and make the right prioritization and allocation decisions.

Data & technology to the rescue

Margin optimization by making the right decisions throughout your entire supply chain requires actionable data and insights. Technology is more data driven than ever, while data is often the key hurdle in driving automation in your planning and operations.

Services we have in-house to tackle those challenges

Plant effectiveness

Production plant effectiveness is crucial. However, throughput struggles are still a reality today. Are too many influencing factors making your plant unreliable and ineffective?
Let us help you discover how to shift your focus in order to grow in reliability and effectiveness without saying goodbye to flexibility. In other words, how to start planning and reserve capacity for uncertainties and in the end, regain control!

Smart factory

With industry 4.0, and the fact that technology is no longer a limiting factor, the drive towards a smart factory is real. But the definition of a smart factory is different for every company, as well are the tools needed and the industry 4.0 concepts that are relevant. We can pragmatically support you on this journey, beyond the technology hype, to make transformations and move towards a smarter factory in all its aspects, including the journey towards autonomous teams. It’s all about defining your journey to use the right technology to create the wisdom you need on the shopfloor  required to move towards closed-loop scheduling, co-oping with uncertainties while keeping control of your outpouts, which is the ultimate goal of many of our customers. Let us help you move in that direction!

Collaborative and agile IBP/S&OP

We break down the silos and ensure the seamless alignment of different functions. We install a mindset of assumption-based decision making enabled by pragmatic scenario management. Creating awareness throughout the full organization and coaching of your team on all levels makes your organization ready to embed these step change improvements towards faster and better value-based decision making.

Planning system implementation

We help you to build the digital supply chain of the future. We provide a unique and holistic set of capabilities for leveraging system and process design expertise, change management, advanced data methods, and strong implementation skills. We have an end-to-end mindset, with key capabilities in areas from demand planning and supply planning to production planning and distribution planning.


We support you in translating new business models into the right operating models. With the trend towards servitization this is not an easy task. Thinking about a service instead of a product, or how your product can be servitized with the sole goal of bringing peace of mind for your customer is one thing, but putting this into practice and delivering your service promises needs drastic changes in the way you operate and how you are organized. Say hello to new aftermarket and field teams and deliver your promises!

Customer centricity

Customer centricity goes way beyond mere sales and customer service. If you really want to make a difference in your end-to-end supply chain to put the customer more at the center and in the end ensure a better customer experience, which will result in a competitive advantage, on the one hand you will need an overall customer centricity company strategy & mindset. However, and potentially even more importantly, you need to put this mindset into practice by for instance embedding a customer-centric solutioning approach as a basic project methodology. Within bluecrux we can support you with the strategy and the pragmatic tools to ensure it is operationalized in all your projects.

“The manufacturing industry has seen margins decreasing and supply chain complexity growing over the years. Establishing efficiency throughout all supply chain processes is therefore the key to survival – but making fast decisions is one thing, making them well-informed is what it really takes to optimize your margins.”

Ben Van Lancker, Head of Planning – Manufacturing

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