Improved Agility is Key for Your Supply-Chain Excellence

An agile supply chain must be responsive to actual demand, and capable of using information as a substitute (to some degree) for inventory through collaboration and integration with key customers and suppliers.

Many supply operations in today’s world struggle with that, as they aren’t sufficiently agile to capture fleeting upside opportunities, or to mitigate fast-moving risks. This interesting read shows that by adopting agile practices broadly enough, it is possible to improve your supply-chain performance significantly.
So is an agile supply chain the answer for manufacturing businesses to be able to operate like the best online retailers? Will they in this way also be able to turn around orders in a day, and deliver them with more flexibility and with greater customization?

The answer is yes! But an agile supply chain on its own will not give you a guarantee of excellence. Finding a hybrid supply chain that combines a lean and agile approach will be key to surviving the ever-changing, volatile, and competitive global economy.