Join us to learn about our extendable plug & play Digital SC Twin. Companies that use can absorb SC variability, making their supply chains more agile and resilient.

In this 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • why planning with inaccurate & static parameters creates variability & risk in your supply chain.
  • how our AI/ML algorithms link historical transactional data with demonstrated performance of lead times, waiting time, production time, transfer time, production rates, etc.
  • how surfaces key discrepancies between the master data, which is used by planning systems, and actual performance, allowing you to embark on performance improvement.
  • how provides Smart Parameters to planning systems, which improves the quality of the outputs from the planning systems greatly and minimizes variability.

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    Trevor Miles

    Thought leader


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    Christophe Frère

    VP Commerce


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    Falk Lenk



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