Let’s take 2 minutes to reflect on the following 2 observations:

1/ We are at the end of 2020 today, and everyone probably is finishing his 2020 roadmaps and plans. Who could have thought 1 year ago, the world would be so different, due to the huge impact of the current pandemic?

2/ Let’s try to see one positive aspect of all of this: it is no more a question of “if” you should digitalize, you have been forced too, one way or the other. It is now time to reflect on the overnight change, the initiatives taken, and to reposition “digital” and “smart factory” as a   permanent enabler for your company.

But how?

This is exactly why you should tune in for our 30 min #bluecruxtalks, where you’ll learn:

1/ What a digital transformation does (and does not) look like?

2/ What companies can do to successfully start AND finish their smart factory transformation?

3/ What does the factory of the future look like?

But that’s not all. You’ll also discover how you can evaluate yourself during this process, to re-assess initiatives and close the loop between strategy and implementation. In short, we are here for you to guide you all the way from envisioning your smart factory, to the implementation. So, are you ready to start your journey, destination smart factory? Join us & let’s win this digital race, together.

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