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In an ever-changing world, companies that want to remain competitive need to embrace change. It is necessary, but a transformation journey can be long and challenging. And what is the magic formula to get and keep your people on board, take them on this journey & get them over the mountain? That’s up to you to discover on 17 Sept!

So, join our 30-min online #bluecruxtalks & learn from bluecrux & SpartanNash:

1.  How to get people adopt a new way of thinking and working instead of them wanting?
2. How to consider the sensitivities of your business, end-to-end processes, and enterprise-wide systems?
3. How to deal with the naysayers: from the ones who are reluctant to any change, to the ones who ‘have been there and done that’?
4. How to make the results of the change management track stick, so you can truly gauge the outcome in terms of ROI, KPIs, etc.?

But that’s not all. Our experience has provided insights into how to address key issues to proactively drive a successful transformation and ensure adoption.
MOUNTK is our way of building a change organization outside the boundaries of the project team, to make sure the change is embedded in the organization and sticks, long after we are gone.

So, are you ready to climb & descend the mountain safely?

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    Mark Konietzko

    Manager Business Process Engineering


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    Kris Van Steenberghe

    Head of Transformation


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