Today we are in the middle of a wave where digital capabilities enable organizations to transform their planning landscape by implementing APS solutions. However, to materialize the benefits of these digital planning transformations you have 4 key business enablers – beyond the tool capability requirements:

  1. Master data factories – a cornerstone for all digital transformations, in planning & beyond.
  2. Digital-ready people & organizations – shaping your organization, capabilities and mind-set to capitalize on digital opportunities.
  3. Next generation of planning ‘processes’ – shape the speed & level of informed decision making to match your speed of information and leverage the vast amount of information becoming available through digital capabilities.
  4. Technology stack strategy — Understand the decisions you are driving and find the right solution fit within your (planning) technology approach.

Digital transformation comes with a shift in what we expect from our planners and brings a new balance between local & central capabilities. Throughout the digital transformations we have supported, we have seen that organizations needed to adapt in order to best leverage upon the newly gained capabilities.

In this second session of our broader series, we will go through the changing roles planners play in the digital playground and how this puts pressure on existing organizational structures. So, definitely one worth joining! Are you ready to embrace your inner data nerd and build digital-ready people & organisations, together? We are!

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    Cédric Van Helleputte

    Head of Planning Life Sciences


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