Today we are in the middle of a wave where digital capabilities enable organizations to transform their planning landscape by implementing APS solutions. However, to materialize the benefits of these digital planning transformations, you have 4 key business enablers – beyond the tool capability requirements:

  1. Master data factories – a cornerstone for all digital transformations, in planning & beyond.
  2. Digital-ready people & organizations – shaping your organization, capabilities, and mindset to capitalize on digital opportunities.
  3. Next-generation of planning ‘processes’ – shape the speed & level of informed decision making to match your speed of information and leverage the vast amount of information becoming available through digital capabilities.
  4. Technology stack strategy – Understand your driving decisions and find the right solution within your (planning) technology approach.

For many customers of ours, planning transformations are a transition into one integrated planning system. However, we see a strong need to have supportive systems throughout the transformations we’ve supported.

How do you position the need for additional system capabilities, beyond the integrated planning tool, as a business lead? What is the right approach to building your planning technology stack? 

In this fourth and final session of our APS transformation series, we want to share what we’ve seen in the industry. We’ll give insight into what your peers perceive as core capabilities part of the APS suite and supporting activities that best find their home in other, best-of-breed solutions.

Are you ready to build the best-in-class planning technology stack with a solid business case together? We are!

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