MountK – The journey of a lifetime

We combine change management with business expertise and end-to-end process knowledge

We value cross-functional alignment and act upon it

Our change methodology works on the hard and soft sides of change

Challenges we attack together

What is the ‘best route’ for us?

The goal is clear. But how do you map the transformation journey that suits your company best, taking into account the sensitivities of your business, end-to-end processes and enterprise-wide systems?

‘Fit to standard’ – or not?

Lacking critical competencies to face the digital exigencies of the future? Explore ways to bridge the skills gap between an ageing workforce and young, digital-savvy profiles.

Adopt versus adapt

Cloud-based versions of current systems hold other powers that may run into the holy grail of customization. How do we get people adopt a new way of thinking and working instead of them wanting to adapt the system?

Resistance to change

How to deal with the naysayers: from the ones who are reluctant to any change, to the ones who ‘have been there and done that’?


How do you make the results of your transformation journey stick, so you can truly gauge the outcome in terms of ROI, KPIs, etc.?

“If you want to change structures, you will need the support of your people. You have to know and understand how they will react to change. Our MOUNTK methodology provides a complete framework for dealing with transformation.”

Kris Van Steenberghe, Transformation Lead

Our services

Change management

We believe that, for change to be sustainable, change needs to be embedded in your project design & implementation. On top, you need the force of change agents and change sponsors. Building this change organization is the starting point of our in-house change management methodology MOUNTK which focuses on:

Hard skills: Work with tools and templates to make change tangible

Soft skills: Create a common understanding of inner people behaviour – and how you can help them to cross the mountain of change.

To make sure the change sticks, we remain by your side on the descent as well. We equip your teams with the tools they need to follow up on the new way of working, combined with KBIs and KPIs.

Organizational change

Based on best-in-class studies, clear and aligned ‘as is’ time-spent overviews, the maturity, and complexity of your company, we look into the possible organizational models and work out an ambitious yet realistic business case that supports your business strategy.

We help to design your organization in terms of roles, processes, reducing handovers, and maximizing efficiency. In that way, you get a clear view of the organizational structures, management layers, and spans of control, responsibilities, talent profiles, and decision-making governance.


User-centric system, system-centric user?

Enterprise-wide systems like S/4HANA become more user-centric, with information being available for the users at any possible moment. But do our users tap into the full potential of that constant but sometimes overwhelming stream of information?

S/4HANA offers enormous opportunities for businesses to reinvent business models and generate new revenues. At the same time, it requires new processes and a new user mindset: one that is more selective, decisive and responsive.

Via our MOUNTK to S/4HANA methodology, we balance which processes should be ‘fit to standard’ and where customization is due. Correspondingly, we empower your people to get value from the constant data flow and thus maximize the ROI of your S/4HANA implementation.

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