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Plant effectiveness is crucial in a network

Looking towards the full value chain, your production plant(s) is a (crucial) node in a network. Whether your role is to be reliable (throughput) or flexible, find out how a plant effectiveness program can help you stand out from the crowd and make your plant role rock solid!

High cost pressure

Labor costs going through the roof? Margins shrinking to nothing? Discover new ways to ensure your factory survives and thrives in highly competitive and globalized markets!

Customer expectations are rising

Customers are demanding faster, more flexible service? Start building the robust, agile and efficient organization that can treat your customers the way you expect to be treated yourself.

The role of the operator is changing

In the new era an operator does not rely on his own expertise but now has the right tools, insights and background information available at a glance. Say hello to the smart operator. Although this will empower people growing towards autonomous teams, it will scare the older generation. Wondering how to get everyone on board?

Global vs. local strategies

Seemingly conflicting constraints between your global & local strategy? Not sure how to fit your plant’s local ambitions within the overarching strategy of a global group? Plot a course by thinking globally and acting locally to guarantee sustainable growth at every level and find your local effectiveness sweet spot whether this is driven by reliable throughput or flexibility.

Critical competencies are lacking to face the digital exigencies of the future

Explore ways to bridge the skills gap between an ageing workforce and young, digital-savvy profiles by starting to introduce easy-going collaboration tools focusing on digital communication (eg. shift hand-overs, …)

“Don’t look at a smart factory transformation as a production system project, but as a unique chance to transform your full plant (all functions, people & processes) towards a smarter, more effective and reliable node in your value chain.”

Anouk Schoenmakers, Partner & Digital Operations expert

Our services

Smart Factory

If you’re talking end-to-end transformation, minor tweaks or mere technical improvements will not get you there. You need a comprehensive vision and roadmap to make your smart factory a reality. Translated into scalable projects that make the journey tangible for everyone involved: from the boardroom to the shop floor.

That’s why we don’t just identify the industry 4.0 tools and partners you need but also develop ways to ensure your people embrace them from beginning to end, as for them the change towards a smart operator will start as well…

Plant reliability & effectiveness

Production plant effectiveness is crucial. However, throughput struggles are still a reality today. Are too many influencing factors making your plant unreliable and ineffective?

Let us help you in discovering how to shift in focus to grow in reliability and effectiveness without saying goodbye to flexibility. In other words, how to start planning and reserve capacity for uncertainties and, in the end, regain control!

Network resilience

In a constantly changing environment, network resilience is key. It’s essential to embed network evaluations and the evaluation of the effectiveness of your production nodes, into day-to-day operations.

So, no more one-off exercise, but it’s continuous network evaluations that will allow you acting fast when needed: introducing the resilient network.

Product & technical transfer

Geographical shifts, agreements with other subsidiaries, mergers & acquisitions, … In a globalizing world, decisions taken at group level can result in significant changes for individual factories. Changes that often involve creating new processes for transferring products between factories. Such as those we successfully helped set up for major life sciences players.

And what if you need to move not just individual products but the entire production lines from one place to another? Let our experts guide you through it!

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