The bigger picture, down to the smallest detail

We optimize your network vertically: from strategic to operational level

We broaden your perspectives horizontally: taken the VoC and your entire ecosystem into account

We embrace servitization: translating new business models into right operating models

Challenges we attack together

Network optimization is a juggling act

However you see your distribution network over the next 5 years, it should be dynamic enough to satisfy multiple constraints: from the ever-evolving needs of your end-consumers to increasingly complex regulatory requirements, stricter performance and sustainability standards and ever-present budgetary pressures. Discover how we can embed network evaluations into processes, and move away from the one-off heavy exercises.

Service offerings as the new winner

To succeed in today’s world as a service and after-market company you need to find offerings not only bringing ‘peace of mind’ to your customer, but maximizing the experience. Find your ‘as a service’ winner and make your customer happy!

Quick wins versus the long haul

Short-term interventions can reveal untapped efficiencies in virtually any domain. But how do you align quick wins with longer-term strategic investments in your buildings, automation projects, IT systems, and more? Should we keep on striving for short term efficiency gains, or work on new processes that allow value-adding activities for tomorrow’s client? Let us help you in making a future-proof roadmap without forgetting short term actions.

Track & trace

Most track & trace systems simply do not offer the visibility required to support proactive decision-making. And yet, drafting budgets, incentivizing actions and driving value all stand or fall on the accuracy and relevance of your data.

To outsource or not to outsource?

Outsourcing comes with just as many risks as it does rewards. But you can only weigh up the pros and cons of third-party logistics when you have all the pieces of the puzzle. What forms can 3PL take and are they best managed?

“You can only make the right decision when you see the bigger picture.”

Arnoud Smeesters, Head of Distribution

Our services

Network (re)design & optimization

Get the visibility you need across your entire distribution network. Using our in-house LOP.ai modelling tool, we create an auto build and detailed virtual twin that forms the basis of your network design study or optimization (NDS/NDO).

From this starting point, we can build various scenarios both from inside-out point of view, e.g. optimized total cost, lead times, inventory,… as well as from the outside-in point of view taken into account the value drivers for your (future) customers and translate this into distribution requirements like service levels, value-added activities, …

With our approach we pave the way to create a sustainable platform for capturing this outside-in view on a recurring basis, but also embed network optimization & evaluation into your processes, moving away from the one-off exercises.

Warehouse 4.0

Optimizing your distribution center calls for a range of specialized digital tools. Which is why we draft a comprehensive proposal based on an in-depth survey of your operations, stock management and layout.

So we can then enhance collaboration upstream with manufacturing,= or downstream with logistics and customer service. All while taking every dimension into account from automation & controls to warehouse control systems (WCS), warehouse management systems (WMS), organization & people and of course your data.

Distribution optimization

We help you get the best out of your distribution network, using predictive logistics to focus on every relevant detail: from quality and productivity to supplier integration and more. And we stay focused on the bigger picture of your corporate strategy, communications and organizational setup.


In the end to end service logistic the world is changing. While base business (spare parts management, aftermarket services, repair shops…) is still relevant, a new world of service offerings is opening. To succeed as service and after-market company you need to find offerings resulting in ‘peace of mind’ for your customer.

By using connected asset and big data together with AI/ML technology you can start to create a digital service twin and move towards predictive spare parts replenishment, prescriptive dynamic maintenance and so on… Let’s move up the servitization maturity curve, together we can pave your way!

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