Put customer value first and your competitive edge will follow

We capture customer value, outside-in

We translate customer value drivers into differentiators for your SC processes

We nurture a customer-centric mindset throughout your organization

Challenges we attack together

Customer value has many faces

Speed, price, reliability, sustainability, …? Find out what exactly drives value for your respective target groups and put it at the center of your organization.

Customer service is a ‘loose end’

Is your customer service department randomly stuck somewhere between your supply chain and commercial organization? Start aligning goals and strategies across a fully integrated and customer-centric organization.

The ‘Amazon’ effect

Your customers’ expectations growing in terms of speed, reliability, flexibility and transparency? Find ways to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition.

Competition at every turn

Are customer experience and a customer-centric supply chain a challenge for your organization? Learn how to turn them into your competitive edge.

Stagnating sales

Looking for new ways to drive sales? Your product is just one element in the equation. Find out how customer service can boost sales through value creation and loyalty.

“Our customer-centric transformation programs make your customers’ journey real, operational and actionable. But we don’t just focus on what’s good for your customers. We also focus on what’s good for you: increasing your bottom-line results by focusing on service differentiation towards your profitable customers.”

Pieter Van den Meutter, Head of Customer Intelligence

Our services

Customer centricity discovery

Via a diverse spectrum of value types and drivers, we identify how your customers view the world and then position your organization at its centre-point. This outside-in segmentation lets you identify new avenues for differentiation throughout your supply chain.

All grounded in a solid understanding of your customer value and what the journey towards a customer-centric supply chain could look like for your company.

Customer-centric business transformation

Customer centricity extends beyond just sales and customer service alone.

If you really want to make customer experience your competitive edge, you need to embed customer centricity throughout your supply chain as well. And that means all eyes focused on that pole star of “customer value”.

Customer connectivity and integration

Tools, data, insights, … The right digital enablers can greatly accelerate your transition towards a connected, customer-centric and digitalized supply chain.

Customer-centric performance management

How do you measure performance in the light of customer value?

Using the right metrics with the right KPIs can transform raw data into genuine wisdom about what truly drives your customers.

Front-office/back-office integration

How you define and organize roles within your customer service organization has a major impact on the time-to-market of your value-added activities.

We help optimize both by redesigning your front-office/back-office model, your customer service organization and your platform. All while developing the skills your people need to process increasingly complex orders.

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