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We bring best practices and help design your connected planning processes

We support in implementation and driving change in your organization

We make your people world class Anaplan model builders

Challenges we attack together

Connected Planning

Is there a disconnect between your supply chain functions? With Anaplan we can help you bring your teams together on one platform: connecting demand planning, supply planning, inventory management and S&OP.

Date as the right source of truth

Most companies struggle with data quality and having data reside in different systems. We help you create your one source of truth and set up your data hub to start building models from the same data.

Real-time decision making

Using Excel doesn’t allow you to make fast decisions. Seeing the immediate impact of decisions you take on your key KPIs will allow you to make the right decisions and execute those decisions right away.

What-if scenario modelling

We operate in a volatile and uncertain world. Being able to create what-if scenario’s in Anaplan will enable you to stand out from your competition and accelerate where others stand still.

“When you react fast & efficiently, disruptions aren’t as disruptive, allowing you to enforce your market position. Let’s talk about how Anaplan can support your supply chain maturity growth and improve your planning and decision making process!”

Marjolein Cuypers, Anaplan team lead

Our Anaplan services

Connected planning value discovery

As part of your Anaplan journey we do a deep-dive to understand what the value can be to your organization. We can build a business case and roadmap together to start driving the right conversations in your organization. We have also developed our own Connected Planning Game. The game is a fun and interactive way to help teams understand why having the right data at your fingertips, collaborative decision making and having a platform to make those decisions on is so important to stay ahead of the competition.

Connected planning process design

We support your transition from your current way of planning to planning with Anaplan. Our expertise in supply chain planning, workforce planning and having partners with financial planning expertise allows us to help you design your future processes. Together we translate your business requirements into system requirements and if required align your organizational setup to your new way of working.

Anaplan use case implementation

Together with you, we implement planning functionality in an agile way. We prioritize and implement functionality in short sprints, which allows us to quickly deliver working functionality that can be tested by your teams, enhanced based on their feedback and fully up and running to be used in their day to day operations.

Our experience in delivering connected planning solutions allows us to bring value to your teams in a matter of weeks.

Modelling expertise

We believe in long-standing relationships and therefore we want to make sure that we can support you long after we helped you implement your connected planning processes. Our team of solution architects and model builders are always available to help you whether it’s small changes or new functionality.

Enabling your data factory

As part of our Anaplan implementation approach we make sure that we build your data hub in Anaplan as the source of truth. All models will be build on this data and we work with you to ensure that we get the right data and quality data in Anaplan.

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