Bluecrux presents IBP project with Tereos and innovative LightsOutPlanning tool at Supply Chain Innovations On 23 March bluecrux participated in the Supply Chain Innovations event. In the morning Valérie Vandenbroucke had the honor to co-present the Integrated Business Planning project we’ve been running with Tereos; in the afternoon Koen Jaspers gave a glimpse of supply chain future by detailing on the LightsOutPlanning tool we’re developing. A quick run through the highlights of the day in a 3-minute read.

Nice! VIB Magazine features interview with Henri-Xavier Benoist and Anneleen Tronquo: “The Visibility project won the supply chain award because of its dedicated focus on change management.” #proudtobebluecrux #makedreamsreal #bridgestoneEU Download here the full article with Henri-Xavier (VP @ Bridgestone) and Anneleen (Partner @ Bluecrux)!

“Sharing is the new owning.” At bluecrux we strongly believe in this credo. Therefore, we organize frequent co-creation sessions (hosted in our own offices in Mechelen or Aalst) where different minds can meet to share knowledge, to share experience and to develop new insights and ideas. Various ‘hot topics’ in the world of Supply Chain and Operations are typically on the menu.

Workshop ‘How to turn change agents into change communities’ On December 6 we welcomed more than 20 participants to our breakfast workshop on Change Management. However diverse their backgrounds may be, they share one major challenge in their organization: when there are a lot of people involved, how do you ensure that change sticks? And how do you tackle the soft side of change? Our colleagues Tineke and Anneleen, along with guest speaker Luc Galoppin, took the participants on a step-by-step journey to climb MountK.

How to turn change into a competitive advantage? We made it! We made what? We’ve been trying to fit it in our agenda for a few years now: Participating at the Berlin Change Days (BCD), one of the largest European events on Change Management. And this year we finally made it! During the Halloween weekend, we settled down in Berlin to find out about the newest trends and must have’s in Change Management today.

Is the success of a change-management approach somehow quantifiable and measurable? At first it seemed counterintuitive to me to measure the soft side. But we’ve tried something new…. At one of our projects we have incorporated ADKAR – a tool that helps us to measure change – into our transformation approach.

We’ve all been in these situations where we think it’s just impossible to change the behavior of people. Using a new corporate system, introducing new processes or just making people work differently are just some of the examples that come to mind. In many cases the people who try to lead the change and fail shout that it’s impossible to change people who are lazy and stubborn. But we need to realize that what looks like laziness is often exhaustion.