Preparing the ground to become a solution provider


The company aims to provide better support for the aftermarket business of spare parts & services, so we conducted a network analysis and helped our client select its logistics partners by facilitating the RFQ/RFP process. In addition to that, we drew up the guidelines for best processes that support agile customers as well as efficient operations.

Client Profile

A leading group in the distribution of civil engineering and construction machinery for public works, quarry and mining activities.


It’s a tough task to find one party that provides transportation to and within West Africa while also carrying out warehouse operations and transportation in the Benelux. And when a company is evolving into a solution provider, how will this impact its current processes and way of working?


Instead of pursuing our quest for an all-round logistics partner to serve both the Benelux and the West African markets, we focused on finding the best partner for transportation to and within West Africa on the one hand, and the best one for warehousing and transportation in the Benelux on the other. When reflecting on the processes, it’s important to be aware of the fact that this exercise cannot be disassociated from the organization as a whole. We therefore developed an operating model comprising four aspects: processes, organization, system & tools, and KPIs.


  • New logistic footprint
  • Operating model for future business
  • Supported RFP/RFQ process & partner selection

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