Communicating more effectively for higher OEE and output – and not just on paper


By introducing effective methodologies and tools, we enabled shift teams and departments to communicate more effectively. Which led to a higher OEE and, of course, higher output. We also supported our client in managing the change using our MOUNTK methodology.

Client Profile

A leading player in the paper business with an output of more than 555,000 metric tons per year from 100% recycled paper.


Every square foot of paper is important. Increasing the OEE is definitely one of the main targets when striving for operational excellence. There’s no doubt that some paper breaks could have been avoided by organizing more frequent and structured check tours to spot technical defects. Best practices and important production information are not appropriately standardized between lines and not shared in the most efficient way between shift teams and departments.


Both blue- and white-collar workers from all departments were designated as “lean ambassadors”. Their mission: to spread the word and manage opposition in their departments. This enabled us to gather valuable input from different perspectives. Four work streams were set up: 1) operator care, 2) root cause analysis, 3) action-tracking in the mill, and 4) visual reporting between departments.


  • A pilot project for each work stream
  • Customized lean tools
  • Workplace screens showing the status of production lines
  • Alignment between management and operators
  • Increased awareness of crucial production parameters
  • Switch from top-down to bottom-up communication

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