We forecast to make sure your dinner is OTT (On Time on the Table)


At a Belgian based fresh food group (processed meat and chilled ready meals) we implemented a new forecasting tool to increase data accuracy and allow for optimal integration with production planning.

Client Profile

Belgium-based company engaged in the production and sale of processed meat products and chilled ready meals for the European market.


We supported our client in the replacement of a too complex forecasting tool with a more pragmatic and user-friendly tool. We wanted to put the key users back in control of the forecast result by introducing a more pragmatic and flexible forecast process and stating clear roles and responsibilities. The new way of working required the development of internal forecasting expertise and appropriate training with continuous attention for the change management aspect of the implementation.


Our bluecrux team supported the project from the early stages by designing the new processes and roles & responsibilities, until the full implementation of the tool and integration with the linked production planning and sales processes. The combination of a forecasting expert and a project manager with expertise in change management contributed to the success of the project.


  • Detailed and pragmatic forecast process
  • New embedded forecasting cycle
  • Optimized information flows

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