End-to-end resource planning for R&D


R&D projects become increasingly more complex. The scientists and technicians need to be allocated correctly on the right initiatives.

The company wanted to implement resource planning processes using our cloud platform Binocs for quality and laboratory operations, regulatory affairs and process development.

We came to one resource planning platform that seamlessly covers the long, mid and short-term horizon across many fields of their R&D operations, covering 1000+ scientists.

Client Profile

A top 10 pharma company employing 100,000 people worldwide.


Scientists need focus, which is a challenge in a dynamic business environment that has to deal with increasing complexity.

Hundreds of excel sheets were created in multiple teams in an attempt to get a view on the work demand. The picture was often incomplete and outdated. Delivery was late and work efficiency low.

On top of that, a recent merger and re-organization had to be dealt with.

There was a bare need for a solid resource management platform.


Using the Binocs cloud platform we implemented business processes to continuously capture project and routine work demand. We needed a complete and up-to-date demand picture.

In parallel we standardized work within and across teams.

For the first time, the organization knew what and when they could commit delivery.

Using capacity scenarios they outlined the best resource planning solution. By capturing actual data on the performed work that were converted in KPI dashboards that speak, they started to master efficiency.


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