Very special agents delivering high value in customer satisfaction


A leading tire manufacturing company covering 85% of their business in tires and 15% in the diversified products segment, which provides automobile-related parts.


A past failed implementation proved the project’s new sponsor that focus on change was crucial. Our client’s challenge was to change processes & cultural habits in a population over more than 600 people, spread over sales & supply chain departments in Europe, each with their own cultural diversity.


  • Our change management team decided to apply our MountK methodology by first involving sponsors & agents during project events
  • A complete roadshow in 6 different regions was organized to create awareness amongst secondary stakeholders
  • At the same time workshops to empower the change agents were held regularly
  • High focus on training and coaching of key & end-users was necessary to keep the team aligned and together on the same page
  • Adjustments and refinements on the transformation plan were realized thanks to the ADKAR measurements.
  • Finally, project marketing and communication support were realized company-wide to share project success with all employees


Change awareness amongst all teams

Stakeholders support from customer service

planning and operations department

Successful transversal communication

Change has been understood and accepted – breaking through historically grown rules

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