Transforming an R&D company into a multinational


An R&D company acquired by a multinational healthcare company, that is engaged in the development of antibodies that have potential use in the treatment of a range of human diseases areas such as inflammation, hematology, immuno-oncology, and oncology. The company is based in Belgium and counts over 450 employees.


  • Integrate the R&D company into a multinational in terms of organizational structure, processes, and technology.
  • All supporting functions needed to be fully integrated within the multinational. Aligning the organization, processes, and technology can’t be done at once, so a gradual approach was requested
  • For the research departments, tools needed to be aligned if possible and knowledge needs to be spread across the multinational


Bluecrux supported in:

  • Creation of a transformation roadmap for 2019 and 2020 with defined priorities to implement the different organizational/process/technology changes step by step, at a speed which can be absorbed by both companies
  • Incorporation of change management during the entire transition: communication, impact analysis, stakeholder engagement, train-the-trainer, training material adjusted for the end-users, and setting up the support organization
  • For the supporting functions, the focus lied first on organizational alignment, next on the purchasing and expense tools and third on the payroll.
  • For all tools within the R&D company- both software and hardware- we made an analysis where all tools were listed, to then merge the software applications and/or contracts for both companies


Step by step integration with participation of resources at the right timing for both research and supporting functions

Successful roll-out of corporate travel & expense processes and tools

Successful roll-out of corporate purchasing and invoicing processes & tools

Short hyper care period for end users due to good adoption of new processes

Savings on contracts and licenses

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