Towards a lean and mean product forecast process by creating a demand planning tool​


This customer supplies its continuously growing markets around the world with high-quality frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit. They do this in a sustainable way, with respect for people and the environment & carefully preserve nature’s precious gifts. 


  • Forecast input and review cycles were very time-consuming
  • Excel-based forecasting and e-mail communication did not meet the increased need for collaboration, reporting and forecast sophistication
  • The way of working prevented sales from being able to focus on value-adding activities


Bluecrux supported in: 

  • Implementing one online platform for all account managers to enrich the statistical forecast, forecast new product introductions and transfer history from EOL products to similar products
  • ​Implementing one online platform for sales directors to validate the forecasts
  • Leveraging Anaplan’s statistical forecasting engine​
  • Supporting a group of demand planners, who are now in control of the process and can closely follow up the progress via exception dashboards and workflow trackers


Implemented a complete sales forecast process with engagement from sales ​

Improved time efficiency by making use of Anaplan’s intelligence in statistical forecasting where account managers only need to focus on the exceptions​

Strong visualization of figures, KPI, and reports, which is actively used during the demand review​

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