Outside-in understanding of customer value as a starting point for a customer centric supply chain


A leader in today’s market and shaping the future through its adhesives, sealants and functional coatings with strong brands that are used in a variety of applications throughout multiple industries.


  • Inside-out efficiency-driven supply chain, missing value understanding
  • Customer expectations raising the bar so that customer experience is a competitive (dis)advantage
  • How to use value segmentation and value drivers to transform the supply chain, without ignoring operational efficiency


Bluecrux, together with our customer, initiated a VoC Discovery Phase. The goal of this phase was to understand the different value types within the customer’s wide range of end-customers. Conducting an extensive VoC (a combination of survey, interviews, and workshops) with the customer, we captured both the customer value drivers as well as the customer’s current pains. The outcome of this phase was translating these drivers per customer typology towards differentiation for supply chain processes.


> 100 customer interviews

Capturing customer values and pains

Developing a customer centric strategy

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