Taking the next step in Connected Planning by expanding to S&OP​


One of Europe’s leading healthcare partners and distributor of medical equipment operating in 12 countries. The scope of this implementation was focused on the Nordics, covering 6 distribution centres and over 40.000 SKUs.


  • Enrich the previously built Anaplan use cases (demand planning, supply planning, inventory management, S&EO) by connecting them with a new S&OP model
  • By doing so, the challenge arose to create a more accurate and longer-term visibility on the demand. This was to increase the ability to make data-driven decisions on the supply side​


We supported by:

  • Enriching demand on multiple levels in the product hierarchy
  • Tracking and running entire S&OP cycles by using an intuitive dashboard
  • Executing capacity simulations that enable us to create different groups of products with interchangeable capacity
  • Calculating impact on a high-level supply plan for the different groups of products


Eliminated manual data processed and decreased time to run through the entire S&OP cycle​

Workflow process in Anaplan allowing multiple stakeholders to collaborate actively in a single environment​

Ability to spot gaps between demand and supply constraints in the long term.

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