Staying ahead of demand with Anaplan


The world’s fifth largest cooperative sugar group, processing agricultural raw materials into sugar, alcohol and starch. Their products are further used in various applications in the food, non-food and pharmaceutical industries.


Due to the fact that they had a lot of different divisions each with their own sales organization, our customer decided to organize all their supply chain planning centrally. For this, the input from 100+ account managers was needed in a structured way. On top of that, they had a lot of historically different ERP systems, which made this unified demand planning a real challenge.


Based on historical sales information, a statistical forecast was generated for each combination of product families and market segments. Also, a commercial forecast was proposed for each customer SKU taking into account statistical forecast and fixed contracts. This enabled account managers to enrich the proposed forecast and team leads & sales directors to validate & update the forecast.



A global unconstrained demand forecast as input for the IBP process

Visibility for the sales organizations on how the forecast is build up

A monthly demand planning process with workflow embedded

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