Realizing dynamic quality master data by crawling release times


A plant based food manufacturer, with a broad product mix going from fresh to ambient and frozen products. All these products are distributed via multiple channels.

This client realizes double digit growth since 2013, which causes ‘healthy’ stress on the entire supply chain. Therefore, they are constantly looking to increase the output of each factory without doing asset investments.


They aimed to maximize the output rate of the current manufacturing network, by having an accurate and dynamic view on their lead times, run rates and scrap factors.

By building up a virtual twin of their production sites from historical product batch data, they have now visibility on their planning parameters and can now identify improvement opportunities by benchmarking production sites against each other.


↑ remaining shelf-life for retail customers

↑ visibility into site Quality Release WoW

↑ ‘available’ plant capacity

↓ Safety stock due to accurate LT parameters

10% Quality Release Time reduction

2% Scrap Rate improvement identified

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