Orchestrating an E2E value chain


One of the largest global consumer goods companies, focusing on producing and selling consumer health, personal care and hygiene products under several product segments and different brand names.


To keep on winning in an ever volatile and customer demanding environment, our customer needed to rethink how it orchestrates its end-to-end value chain and develop next generation SC technology capabilities to safeguard its competitive advantage in the market:

  • To be more E2E: integrating all elements of the value chain (demand, manufacturing, DCs, transport, critical materials, suppliers, etc.)
  • To be more dynamic: moving from a static to a dynamic view on capabilities to promise material availability
  • To be more automatic: going from planner/manual driven processes to exception based and action-oriented processes
  • To be more intelligent: considering internal and external leading indicator information using latest available AI/ML skills


By leveraging the LOP.ai digital supply chain twin platform, we enabled the customer to:

  • Continuously have the latest view on its E2E supply chain network and flows
  • Run cost and risk-based simulation to create a dynamic RCCP plan
  • Assess the probability to execute the plan based on the identified risk factors
  • Trade unknown uncertainty for known variability and dynamically buffer for this
  • Simulate different scenarios and consider a wider set of possibilities
  • Spot new opportunities and unlock extra value


Fewer lost sales by a reduction of short or delayed shipments due to a non-resilient plan

Reduced risk by proactively avoiding the number of stock-outs

Lower manufacturing cost by better balancing expedite shipments versus surge capacity

Improved capacity utilization by integrating more accurate parameters and allocation

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