Global E2E Planning Transformation


Large multinational health care company listed among the Fortune 500. Active in three sectors, it manufactures and distributes medical devices, pharmaceutical products and consumer packaged goods.


  • E2E supply chain increasingly complex due to NPI SC set-up
  • In need of a global design to be made for different regions – which historically have developed own ways of working
  • Two roll outs of new processes & tool in big bang for Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, Production Planning (DS, & MPS), and E2E planning covered by 170 brands – impacting over 350 end users


Bluecrux guided and supported in:

  • The creation of a comprehensive design – which is technically & process-wise sound and serves the business case
  • Support the change from the mindset shift – to embedding knowledge through training
  • Gear up the master data maturity (delivery & governance) – enabling digitization
  • Assure a smooth implementation


Realizations post go-live of second rollout: 205 MM$ inventory reduction & 1.22 MM$ SLOB reduction

Installed a global planning operating model at 12 different internal production facilities, 9 regional markets and teams managing over 40 CMOs – realizing net efficiency benefit of +8%

Gartner recognition of #1 in the top 25 of healthcare supply chains

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