Creating E2E supply chain visibility with Anaplan​


This customer supplies its continuously growing markets around the world with high-quality frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit. They do this in a sustainable way, with respect for people and the environment & carefully preserve nature’s precious gifts. 


  • The customer’s central supply chain only has limited visibility in the tactical network
  • Due to this limited visibility, determining the stock position of a product per site is very time-consuming
  • Changing the flow in the network is a tedious process​


Bluecrux supported by: 

  • Implementing a live calculation of the demand and stock positions per product for each site taking into account a 10-level bill of materials explosion​
  • Creating reports that are used by both central and local supply chains, resulting in improved collaboration
  • Optimizing the full network of the 20+ sites to optimally allocate demand & stock within the network.
  • Creating increased visibility to central and local supply chains on the stock position in each local site


E2E supply chain visibility of their entire network​

Increased visibility on stock positions for both their local supply chain and the central supply chain​

Strong reports that are used by both local and central supply chains allowing them to work from a 'single source of truth'

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