Centralizing demand forecasting and master production schedules with Anaplan​


The customer provides energy storage solutions for the telecom, commercial, and industrial segment with the long-term goal of enabling customers to move away from fossil fuels and switch to long-lasting, smart, recyclable lithium batteries. 


  • Multiple tools are used to perform demand forecasting and master production scheduling
  • Limited visibility on mid-term inventory projection and need within material requirements planning


Bluecrux supported by

  • Implementing a demand forecast input through exception-based collaborative dashboards with optimal allocation to all production sites​
  • Implementing an integrated master production schedule, which translates the production plan through a 10-level BOM to an accurate and forward-looking material requirements plan
  • Allowing capacity scenario’s to assess the impact of the plan on the different production sites – optimizing the number of hours and workers necessary on the production lines


Reconciled application for demand and master production schedule​

Scalable model that is truly business-owned within a growing organization​

Optimized timing in placing of production and purchase orders​

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