Building the road towards a customer focused supply chain


A leading tire manufacturing company covering 85% of their business in tires, and 15% in the Diversified Products segment, which provides automobile-related parts.


Their organisation was going through a full transformation journey. In order to achieve the necessary business results within the supply chain, the key challenge was to redefine a clear organisational structure and align it over the different European regions. Next, our mission was to stimulate the organisation to take ownership to implement the necessary organizational changes.


  • Our experience in defining a supply chain organisation allowed us to set up a clear organisational model fast
  • We highly contributed aligning the different stakeholders towards this new organisational model
  • Via a time and motion study, a detailed analysis was performed on the time spent over the different activities the organisation was executing
  • Taking into account the future direction of differentiated customer service (wholesalers/retailers), a detailed FTE impact analysis on the different departments was derived.
  • This was then translated into new job profiles and an implementable action plan
  • Finally, we set up development benchmarks and KPIs which helped to support the action plan implementation


Set up of a smooth shift to the new demand & supply process through the entire organization

Delivery of a clear overview of AS IS workload per activity for each role and competence

Concrete action plan to finish implementation

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