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Blockchain is THE hot topic that has been on everybody’s lips for the past few months, with all sorts of initiatives being launched everywhere. Blockchain can be used in many different fields: from voter registration to payment of music artists, and from real-time proof of...

As published in Business Logistics Magazine, December 2018; LightsOutPlanning trawls through data in search of effective quality release time When it comes to fresh products, every hour counts. Because the fresher a product is when it arrives in the shops, the better. Alpro, manufacturer of plant-based alternatives...

On a sunny Thursday in November, we gathered about 150 Supply Chain & Operations professionals across industries for our annual end of year conference, this year on Supply Chain 4.0: ready to operate in the digital era? The keys to success? 1 beautiful location, 4 hours...

With the countdown to the holidays, are you already preparing to get overwhelmed with year reviews & happy holiday wishes? Well, here's ours already, but it's a short one! Check out how we summarized our 2018 in 1 infographic – ending with 1 special message: wishing...

What can you learn from a cheetah if you want to get an agile focus on your customers - and become more customer-centric? Speed, anticipation, and empowerment. "But that's easier said than done", was the recurring comment from the people who attended our #bluecruxtalks on...

Has your organization set sail for industry 4.0? Great! Maybe you’ve already made a huge investment in new technologies that allow you to keep up with the killing pace of digitization and automation. But where does that leave your workforce? And what can you learn...

We are thrilled with what is to come!! Check out the Top 10 Predictions for Global Manufacturing in 2018 by IDC In summary "Manufacturers of every size and shape are changing rapidly because of new digital technologies, new competitors, new ecosystems, and new ways of doing...

From IBM Watson to Watson Supply Chain. Check out IBMs journey towards a more transparent, intelligent and agile supply chain. In summary, “as transparency and cognitive capability develops, (…). E2E optimization occurs not through step-changes in supply chain design, but in real-time through faster decision-making, shifts...

In this digital age, where “customer centricity” is king and “real-time data” queen, you cannot afford to keep allowing historical data to dictate your decisions. It’s time to let data do the dirty work for you and get your brain cracking on scenarios and – ultimately – your strategy!