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Past Events

ManuPharma Conference 2019

3-4 Dec 2019
Location: DE - Frankfurt
Category: Operations

Attendance by Anouk Schoenmakers & Jurgen Sanders.

Supply Chain Insights Networks of Networks

26-28 Nov 2019
Location: BE - Antwerp
Category: General

Attendance by Valerie Vandenbroucke & Koen Jaspers.

Supply Chain Awards 2019

19 Nov 2019
Location: BE - Antwerp
Category: General

Attendance by Anouk Schoenmakers.

Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit 2019

4-5 Nov 2019
Location: US - Denver
Category: Planning

Attendance by Niels Warnaar

Web Summit 2019

4-7 Nov 2019
Location: PT - Lisbon
Category: Digital

Attendance by Koen Jaspers, Valerie Vandenbroucke, Stef Peeters & Louise Bourgonjon.

Digital Logistics Summit

Location: BE - Antwerp
Category: Distribution

Attendance by Yves Cosemans.

NextGen Supply Chains: Let’s get Smart & ‘Phygital’!

24 Oct 2019
Location: BE - Brussels
Category: General

Learn from Vlerick, Cinionic (Barco), VCST & many other top-notch presenters how your company can converge both the digital and human factor as the gateway to growth. In short: How to get your supply chain smart, 'phygital' and ready for the next generation!

More information will follow soon but one thing is certain: you want to save the date already!

Anaplan CPX conference 2019

16-17 Oct 2019
Location: FR - Paris
Category: Planning

Attendance by Geert Wullaert.

Kinexions 2019

13-16 Oct 2019
Location: US - Orlando
Category: Digital

Attendance by Anouk Schoenmakers & Anneleen Tronquo.


2-4 Oct 2019
Location: US - Nashville
Category: Transformation

Attendance by Geert Vanhove & Valerie Vandenbroucke.

Anaplan CPX conference 2019

30 Sept - 1 Oct
Location: UK - London
Category: General

Featured signature sponsorship. Attendance by Geert Wullaert & Jurgen Timmermans.

Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

3-6 Sept 2019
Location: US - Chicago
Category: General

Attendance by Valerie Vandenbroucke, product manager LOP bluecrux

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

17-19 June 2019
Location: ES - Barcelona
Category: General

Platinum sponsorship. Attendance by Koen Jaspers, Geert Wullaert, Anouk Schoenmakers, Anneleen Tronquo & Valerie Vandenbroucke.

Dublin Tech Summit

10-11 April 2019
Location: IE - Dublin
Category: Digital

Attendance by Hendrik De Cuyper (Supply Chain & Operations professional, bluecrux)


9-11 April 2019
Location: CH - Montreux
Category: Life Sciences

Featured sponsorship. Attendance by Koen Jaspers,  Anneleen Tronquo, Anouk Schoenmakers & Valerie Vandenbroucke.

Supply Chain Innovations

21 March 2019
Location: BE - Antwerp
Category: Distribution

Discover how companies like Amazon and push organizations towards stronger Home Delivery capabilities. Presentation by Kurt Schilders (Director Supply Chain, Telenet) & Reinout Denys (Senior Consultant bluecrux).

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

18-21 March 2019
Location: UK - London
Category: #LOP

Attendance by Valerie Vandenbroucke (Product Manager LOP) & Stef Peeters (Supply Chain & Operations Professional bluecrux)

Supply chain 4.0: Ready to operate in the digital era?

November 29th 2018
Location: Brussel/Zaventem - Quartier Papier
Category: Digital

Learn from Lora Cecere (Supply Chain Insights), Google (CEO Belgium), Bpost (VP Future Lab), MLS (AI/machine learning), Anaplan (Account Executive) & our own LightsOutPlanning representatives how to get you all set & ready to operate your supply chain in the digital era