About us

The right mindset

“You may have the most wonderful tools and methodologies of the world, they will bring you nowhere if you don’t have the right mindset.”


– Marie Donnay, bluecrux consultant

Our strengths

We step into our clients’ shoes

Towards our clients, we will first of all listen. Together, we discuss how we can help, knowing what the challenges in their industries are. Next, we take the time to talk to all stakeholders, from board level to the workfloor. We step into their shoes to get to know how and where we can improve.

We co-create with our clients

We can only deliver the ‘best’ solutions if we stay on top of the game. Therefore we devote 10% of our time to R&D and engage in innovation tracks together with our clients.

We shape communities

By combining excellence in tools and methodologies with a pragmatic and open-minded approach, we bring out the best in your people. We don’t want to lock in knowledge, but share it and tailor it to our customers’ needs.

“We don’t come with lots of noise. Together with you and your people we work on a solution. But we won’t stay forever, so it is best that you have at least one man or woman who can keep the oversight. We gladly work with him or her each time we’re asked to intervene.”

– Jan Minnaert, bluecrux consultant

No ties, just smiles

We tend to steer away from the formalities that are usually associated with consultancy. Our dress code is a smile. You don’t have to take our word for it, though.

colourful tribe_2

We are a colourful tribe

We each have our backgrounds, experience and capabilities. No bluecruxer is alike. We celebrate the fact that we are equally different but act as one. Because we believe that a colourful tribe is what we need to help our clients move forward.