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The world is getting more connected every day – so are your supply chain & operations. We help you to connect the dots between strategy, technology and people in an end-to-end process.


We’re bluecrux. We’re a team of talented & passionated business experts, who all share the same belief: that supply chain & operations are drivers of sustainable growth.

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We connect strategy, technology & people in an end-to-end process.

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While we can’t show the iceberg of content that our work rests on – or the impact it has – we can share some shiny bits that stick out above the surface.

Improving output reliability of two critical production sites

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Getting ready for last mile delivery

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Preparing the ground to become a solution provider

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Organization design: from product supplier to service provider

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A SMART prescription

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Communicating more effectively for higher OEE and output – and not just on paper

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Driving towards mature planning processes enabled by best-fit technology

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Effective supply chain integration as a result of M&A

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Building the road towards a customer focused supply chain

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