Workforce Planning

No matter how well you have planned your material flows, you still rely on people for a flawless execution

From mid-term capacity management to short-term scheduling

Best-in-class companies are looking to incorporate their workforce in the value stream by balancing labor with demand and effective cost control.

At bluecrux we have developed profound experience in workforce planning and by taking into account your current and future organizational competences, we enable you to manage workload and work-regimes in a realistic and attainable way.

1. Operational excellence in workforce planning

Optimal planning of operational workforces in line with your supply and service plan

  • Managing your variability by matching labor with demand
  • Identifying productive/non-productive time and reducing non-value-added labor
  • Motivating the workforce through self-control and self-managed schedules
  • Creating new insights by combining operational performance indicators with workforce performance data
  • Improving your overall labor effectiveness (OLE)



bluecrux’s best-of-breed web application for ensuring you will have qualified/skilled people in R&D, quality operations and engineering to deliver planned project and day-to-day work on time.

Our offering consists of workforce-management business-case development, roadmap creation, process and organization design, work standardization, change management, and training.

To translate our advice into sustainable results, we also help you with the right tools, such as:

  • Kronos, our trusted workforce partner in production & logistics
  • Trimble, our main workforce partner in field-service management


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Together, we optimise your business operations