Supply Chain Planning

To stay on top of your competition, you need to continuously assess and improve your end-to-end planning processes.

Plan to stay ahead of competition

Supply chain is the backbone of almost every company, and crucial in realizing your business strategy. As specialists, we work with you to enhance your organization and systems, and turn them into a competitive advantage.

To make your business planning a true asset, we offer following services:

  • Planning excellence

We balance demand and supply, aiming for better business planning across each of your planning horizons. From integrated business planning over sales and operations planning to daily operations, we integrate your supply chain with suppliers, or develop downstream collaboration with customers to enable you to react faster and become more responsive to changes in demand and/or supply.

  • Inventory optimization

We optimize inventory policies by synchronizing service, cost and operational efficiency. Our goal is to develop an optimized product portfolio, an adequate balance of products on stock and on order, correct product allocation to plants and DCs, and optimized stock levels, while always taking into account the required service level, and a realistic forecast performance with minimal service disruptions, minimal excess stocks, and best overall cost-to-serve.

  • Digital transformation

Embracing digital transformation in supply chain optimization is a must for creating customer value. With our offering #LOP we make sure that integrated business decisions are exploiting their full optimization potential.


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