Service Logistics and Parts

From after market distribution over parts management towards field services and cash-to-cash

An interesting but challenging supply chain

Every after market model is facing both planned (e.g. installations, maintenance,..) and unplanned (e.g. breakdown, repair,…) events. Flexible planning is therefore crucial to achieve high productivity. Skilled technicians need to have the right tools and materials available at the right time for the right job. It sounds logic but in practice an everyday challenge. Having smooth service processes in place is key to reduce the cash-to-cash cycle and to improve overall customer satisfaction.

At bluecrux we work together with our clients to boost customer experience through a perfect service order to cash process, the optimal workforce and technician planning, the right distribution network set-up, including the ideal operating model, for the whole service logistics chain. Where do we need a central warehouse, how many depots do we need, what type of stock do we need & how to deploy it, how to supply our vans and how to manage return of tools and parts…

Recent projects include cases at industry leading players such as PON Equipment and BIA Group.

Our key contact for Service Logistics & Parts is Anouk. Contact her and find out how we can help you to improve your performance!

Together, we optimise your business operations