onEye is a process content management tool and methodology for pharmaceutical companies that want to structure their tech transfers.

onEye allows different subject-matter experts to structure their process design in an integrated way. The deliverables are usable as a platform for all project participants during the project lifecycle.

The method delivers results quickly, with a typical lead time of 2 months.


Key benefits for using onEye are that it allows you to:

  •  Make design meetings structured and efficient
  •  Deploy one-version-of-the-truth information on the processes and systems in a consistent way, tailored to a user’s interest
  •  Provide a holistic view on process integration
  •  Apply commonly understood industry standards (ISA S88, S95)
  •  Avoid design errors and change requests


The tool and methodology was first used on a greenfield plant at Pfizer (B) in 2012. Since then the approach has been embedded in the organization as a standard way of working. In the meantime, onEye has successfully delivered 10+ tech transfers, and various major production improvement projects.

Together, we optimise your business operations