If there is one industry that is predestined to change drastically over the next 5 to 10 years, it is surely manufacturing.

The future is now

We are heading right into a technological renaissance that will transform the look, systems, processes and organization of each and every production-oriented company. The journey started yesterday.

Trying to list all the components of this total transformation is a hopeless task, and at constant risk of being out of date. Industry 4.0, big data and advanced analytics are surely amongst them. At bluecrux our passion has always lain in material flow optimization. We are proud to have learned the industry insights by working for many years alongside some of the most important players, both local and international.

Together with them, we are now working on the next improvement jump.

Recent project experiences in this industry include following key services:


Our key contact for Manufacturing is Geert, partner at bluecrux. Feel free to contact him to get more information on our industry experience.

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