Digital Transformation In Supply Chain Optimization (#LOP)


Embracing digital transformation in supply-chain optimization is a must for creating customer value. Yet today companies are still confronted with static planning processes:

  • Demand plans do not reflect the latest market insights
  • Capacity data and actual manufacturing performance do not match
  • Supply plans and inventory projections are quickly outdated

As a result, integrated business decisions are not exploiting their full optimization potential.

#LightsOutPlanning is a process and technology platform that allows transformation from a rigid, irregular planning process to real-time optimized scenario planning.


Real Data

Using industry 4.0 and big-data techniques, we dynamically combine “real-life” and multi-echelon supply information with changing market behavior.


Dynamic Sync

Following ‘Worldclass A’ Integrated Business Planning processes sales, supply chain, operations and finance can be truly in sync.


Continuous Optimum

For the first time, management decisions are continuously based on the most recent business outlook ensuring best financial results.

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Companies that master #LightsOutPlanning, the digital transformation in supply chain optimization, stay ahead of the game.

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