Change Management Consultant Lean process consultant distribution & logistics
Consultant for E2E Planning Optimization J_Bluecrux Forecasting-Demand & Planning consultant
Supply Chain Starter Senior Supply Chain Consultant

How do you recognize a bluecrux consultant?

A bluecrux’er is passionate about “the holy three”:


We have deep knowledge about supply chain & operations, which is reflected in our own methodologies across our different value propositions. Every one of us contributes to the continuous elaboration of these methodologies & is curious about the latest market developments. Top quality & personal engagement, that’s what a bluecrux’er goes for!


We don’t just re-apply methodologies in our projects. Our goal is to blend it in together with our customers, to use both our creativity and pragmatic approach to come to a customized solution for them. A bluecrux’er values this partnership & understands that our customers are our strongest promotors. Co-owning is key!

Making it happen

Project management skills combined with a pragmatic approach, that’s how a bluecrux consultant works. We value a thorough transformation methodology in order to ensure sustainable change for our customers. Our consultants recognize the importance of empowering the individual in every business transformation. Embedded change is our ultimate goal.

Combining this passion with a good sense of humor, a heart for colleagues and a strong intrapreneurial spirit… & that is how you recognize a bluecrux consultant!

How do we recognize you?

Does the above seem to describe you or your ideal future colleagues? Then don’t hesitate to send us your CV and letter of motivation via! Bluecrux can always use talented people looking for a challenge or a new way of doing business consultancy. We’re looking forward to meet you!


Together, we optimise your business operations